Which is the best hose reel trolley for a small garden?

We recommend using a trolley with a 50/60 metre capacity ½ inch hose.

Which is the largest trolley available?

The largest trolley available is the 420 which can hold a 130 metre capacity 1 inch hose. The painted steel trolley has tyres and brass connectors that allow a 1 inch flow of water.

Which trolleys are highly recommended for industrial use as well?

The galvanized steel trolleys and especially the AISI 304 stainless steel models are particularly well regarded for industrial and technical uses.

In which situations can your professional trolleys be used?

The professional trolleys are ideal for storing and rewinding the larger and heavier hoses that are used when watering larger areas, such as public parks, sports facilities, etc. and also for farming.

What are the key features of the butterfly sprinklers (Art. 1102)?

The butterfly sprinklers are made of brass and rotate on a stainless steel ball bearing; they are particularly suitable for providing good even coverage in domestic gardens and in greenhouses.

How large is the area that can be watered by the “Spritz Car” (Art. 550)?

Using 1 bar water pressure the diameter of the watered area is 8 metres; using 2 bar the diameter is 8.5 metres; and using 3 bar the diameter is 9.5 metres.

Does your range include sprayers for professional use?

The Items 1101016, 1101021 and 1101026 are suitable for professional use in greenhouses and intensive farming; they are made of aluminium and have a large spray disc with holes and hose connectors which are both made of brass.

How does the Magic Fly rake (Art. 2000E) work?

It has a special patented mechanism that enables the rake to pick up leaves without the need to bend over or touch the leaves: this makes tidying the garden so much easier and less tiring.

What is the garden roller (Art. 510) used for?

It helps to level the ground after the lawn has been seeded.

What is the Kikko trolley (Art. 520) used for?

The Kikko trolley spreads fertiliser and seed; it is also very useful for spreading salt or sand on icy paths, which means it is also great for the winter.

What are the spiral supports (Art. 01500-01800-02000) used for?

Our spiral supports are great for growing tomatoes and other climbers easily and without the need to tie in the plants. Plus, they are made from hot-dip galvanized steel so they are even longer lasting.

What sets Flortì (Art. 5000E) apart from other plant pot holders?

Flortì features a special wheel design that holds three containers for your plants: turning the wheel enables you to give the containers more sunlight or shade to suit the plants, and it also makes looking after your plants even easier. The tray at the base of the frame is ideal for growing seedlings, as well as for catching any water that drips down from the containers above. The cart has wheels so you can effortlessly position Flortì wherever you wish inside or outside your home.

Does your range include other solutions for organising plant pots?

In addition to Flortì (Art. 5000E), we also have Funnì (Art. 5100), Mobì (Art. 5200) and Rotì (Art. 5300-5301). They offer a practical, elegant way to position your pots around the home or garden, and they come with plant pot holders.

Is the hand truck art. 9400 suitable moving items up and down steps?

The wheels on this hand truck are configured in a special star design which enables heavy and bulky items to be easily pushed

What is the difference between the products in the Bikky range?

The two lines of bike racks in the Bikky range feature different finishes: one line features a hot-dip galvanized finish, while the other has a highly-resistant polyester powder coating.

Can your bike racks be fixed to the ground?

All of our bike racks have the appropriate holes so that they can be fixed to the ground with screws and plugs that can be easily bought from most hardware stores.

What are the paper roll holders used for?

Our paper roll holders are extremely useful in professional and technical settings, such as workshops, service stations, etc., but can be just as handy to have around the home.